Dogs are really cute and helpful animals. But some dogs can hate and detest taking a bath. It is quite frustrating if you see that they are covered in dirt and mud. Everyone cannot afford a groomer or a spa day for our dogs. So, it is feasible that we use some tricks to get them to take a bath. It gets tougher for people who have dogs of larger breeds as they are not easy to handle. So, let us see some tricks that will help us in bathing our dogs.


Tricks to Help Your Dog have an Easy Bath


  • Keep your dog’s favorite treat ready when a bathing ordeal is to come. You have to provide them with multiple treats if they do not like bathing at all. Dogs are very intelligent and they can sense what the humans are up to.
  • Before the bath time, you will need to take them for a long walk to make them comfortable. You should brush them and give them a good petting so that the environment is more positive for them. Make bathing a habit right from the puppy stage.
  • Leaving a trail of their favorite treats towards the bathtub is one of the best ways to lure the dog. Never be angry on them as it would make them agitated. Let them go to the bathtub and slowly close the dog.
  • Motivate your dog into taking the bath and say they are a good dog. Let them have a bath with the human that they like the most. Also, have some of their favorite toys laying around the area.
  • As the owner, you need to be calm as well. Dogs can smell your frustration and they may act out. So, remain positive and show them that it will be a good time. Make the bath as comfortable as you can for them.
  • Add the water little by little so that they can get used to it. You do not want to rush into the situation or else they will get dirty as soon as you leave them alone after a bath. Let them taste the water and keep it at the right temperature.
  • Use a shampoo that is scent free so that they do not dislike the smell. Follow the usual way of bathing them and be careful not to hurt them. Keep on giving them treats and petting them if they are feeling uncomfortable. Dry them off as soon as you are done with the bath with a comfortable towel. Do not let them go outside unless they are fully dry.


Bathing is an important part of keeping the dog clean. It can have a lot of debris and soil, so vets recommend you to bathe them at least once a week. It can be tough to get them to bath but training them will definitely help the time to become much easier. Always learn to remain positive around them in such a time. Bath time will definitely become fun after a while.

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